"Socialist systems" - the third book of the series of works by Wilfredo Pareto in Russian


This work is first published in Russian and is already the third in a series of books by Wilfredo Pareto after the "Textbook of Political Economy" "Transformation of Democracy".

In the Socialist Systems, Pareto proposed an approach to the classification of types of socialisms, according to which the content of "real systems" is objectively possible ways of economic and social organization of society on the basis of the priority of collective forms of management. He separated "real systems" - historical prototypes of socialist societies - from "ideal systems" - socialist ideals, philosophical, political-ideological and moral-ethical constructions.

The book is of interest to sociologists, political scientists, philosophers, economists, historians of political and social doctrines. Also, it can be recommended to a wide range of readers interested in the theory of political systems.

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In the glorious city of Rostov-on-don
On May 7, Ilya Yurievich Zhilyakov, editor-in-chief of the RIOR Publishing Center, visited Rostov-on-Don with a short visit to his small homeland.


The second edition of the collection of poems of the famous scientist-economist

The presentation of a new collection of poems by Professor of the Department of management, doctor of economic Sciences Arkady Semenovich Lifshits took place in the conference hall of Ivanovo state University. The presentation was combined with a mini-lecture "Poetry: meaning and multidimensionality".


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