New Book of a Series of Scientific Publications Advances in Law Studies

A monography published by A.D. Gulyakova “Federalism: the mechanism of occurrence and the main directions of development (historical and state research)”
The monography contains new approaches to the study of the problems of federalism through a comparative historical-state analysis based on the construction of models specific to specific countries. The structural components of federalism, the mechanism of its formation and functioning, the main stages and development prospects are considered.
The publication is intended for lawyers, political scientists and historians, for everyone who cares about optimizing public administration and the stability of complex states.
Gulyakov Alexander Dmitrievich - candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Rector of Penza State University. Editor-in-chief of the Comparative Federalism Yearbook. The author of more than 70 scientific publications on the problems of federal relations (including two monographs). A.D. Gulyakov specializes in a comparative analysis of the process of establishing federal states and models of federalism in various countries. He led the development of the Concept of legal policy in the field of federal relations by a team of authors.
The second edition of the collection of poems of the famous scientist-economist

The presentation of a new collection of poems by Professor of the Department of management, doctor of economic Sciences Arkady Semenovich Lifshits took place in the conference hall of Ivanovo state University. The presentation was combined with a mini-lecture "Poetry: meaning and multidimensionality".


Congratulations to our regular author Andrey Panteleev with the release of a new book and the victory in the competition " Academus»

A new textbook " Modern Russian language: Morphemics. Word formation", following the manual on phonetics continues to cover the sections of the course "Modern Russian language", which is fundamental for philologists»


Honorary Professor of HANDS became the winner of the all-Russian competition "Academus»

The award nationwide honorary Professor of ARMS was handed to the chief editor of the publishing centre RIOR Ilia Zhilyakov, the Scientific Council of Russian University of cooperation. He noted the high scientific and educational value of the textbook "Analysis of financial and economic activity", written by Abel Friedman


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