Collections of works of international scientific conferences held on the basis of RTU MIREA are published at the RIOR Publishing Center


Two international scientific conferences were held at once by the Department of State and Administrative Law of the Institute of Management Technologies of RTU MIREA in 2021 - scientific, practical and student.

Based on the materials of conferences at the RIOR Center, collections of scientific works were published - "Development of the legal systems of Russia and foreign countries: problems of theory and practice" and "Current problems of jurisprudence." The collections reflect the results of research activities of teachers, graduate students and students of Russian and foreign universities.

Research topics address a wide range of theoretical and practical problems of legal science, various approaches, sources and methods of cognition. The analysis of legislation and judicial practice carried out during the conference revealed the existing theoretical and practical problems of legal science and law enforcement practice, and outlined ways to improve legislation.

The collections are of interest to lawyers dealing with state and law issues, legal protection of business activities, as well as to teachers, graduate students and students.

New Book of a Series of Scientific Publications Advances in Law Studies

A monography published by A.D. Gulyakova “Federalism: the mechanism of occurrence and the main directions of development (historical and state research)”


In the glorious city of Rostov-on-don
On May 7, Ilya Yurievich Zhilyakov, editor-in-chief of the RIOR Publishing Center, visited Rostov-on-Don with a short visit to his small homeland.


The second edition of the collection of poems of the famous scientist-economist

The presentation of a new collection of poems by Professor of the Department of management, doctor of economic Sciences Arkady Semenovich Lifshits took place in the conference hall of Ivanovo state University. The presentation was combined with a mini-lecture "Poetry: meaning and multidimensionality".


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