Feedback and thanks




I thank you once again for the benefits you sent me and my co-author.
And in general HUGE THANKS for your personal participation in our creative project.
Frankly, if it were not for your caring attitude, I would not plan to continue our cooperation ...

With great respect, Vladimir the Quiet





Dear Colleagues!
I want to express my gratitude to you for the effective, well-coordinated work during 2017. The quality of your work, like the editions themselves, is at the highest level!
Many of my colleagues expressed interest in your publishing house, and we are ready to work fruitfully in 2018!
Thank you for your pleasant and high-quality work!
We keep in touch, we write new monographs!



Yours faithfully,
Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Protective Coatings and Marine Corrosion, Institute of Chemistry, Far East Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, the basic chair of ecology and ecological problems of chemical technology of VGUES
Yarusova Sofya Borisovna


Dear Colleagues!
Thank you very much!!! I hope for further fruitful cooperation !!!!

With best wishes, Inna Litvinenko Litvinenko







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