Honorary Professor of HANDS became the winner of the all-Russian competition "Academus»


Abel Friedman was awarded the title of laureate in the category «management Economics» for the textbook «Analysis of financial and economic activity».

Abel Mendelevich Friedman-honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Economics of the faculty of higher education of the Russian University of cooperation, winner of numerous awards and honorary titles, Creator of textbooks and scientific articles on Economics and management of enterprises.  This year is the 70th anniversary of the moment when Abel Mendelevich came to work in the consumer. 

The award nationwide honorary Professor of ARMS was handed to the chief editor of the publishing centre RIOR Ilia Zhilyakov, the Scientific Council of Russian University of cooperation. He noted the high scientific and educational value of the textbook "Analysis of financial and economic activity", written by Abel Friedman:

- Abel Mendelevich is able to write and convey what is important to Express in a language understandable to a freshman and University and College. Each book by Abel Friedman abounds with examples that are easy to perceive: it is not some abstract things, but real situations from everyday life and economic life. Abel Friedman can not live without work, he is loved in publishing, readers are waiting for his new books, and the creative longevity of the Professor admires. I'm sure we all need to follow his example!

The editor-in-chief noted that the publishing house has already published 4 books by Abel Friedman, the contract for the fifth textbook is also concluded. 

All-Russian competition "Academus" covers scientific publications of the whole country. Every year the competition receives more than 500 works, only 10 of which are winners. According to the organizers, an important criterion for decision-making is the relevance, relevance and usefulness of the work for the reader.

Remind, Abel Friedman awarded the order of 2 degrees "For contribution to the development of consumer cooperation in Russia".
Congratulations On the new 2019 year from the collective of " RIOR Publishing Center»

The staff Of the publishing center RIOR wholeheartedly congratulates you On the new 2019 year and Christmas!


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