Congratulation from the staff of the "Publishing Center RIOR"


Dear colleagues!

The staff of the "Publishing Center RIOR" congratulates you on the beginning of the new academic year.

We wish to realize your plans and achieve excellent results in all your endeavors.

New achievements, great discoveries, talented students and, of course, new publications of textbooks, articles and monographs.

The doors of our publisher are always open for you!

New Book of a Series of Scientific Publications Advances in Law Studies

A monography published by A.D. Gulyakova “Federalism: the mechanism of occurrence and the main directions of development (historical and state research)”


In the glorious city of Rostov-on-don
On May 7, Ilya Yurievich Zhilyakov, editor-in-chief of the RIOR Publishing Center, visited Rostov-on-Don with a short visit to his small homeland.


The second edition of the collection of poems of the famous scientist-economist

The presentation of a new collection of poems by Professor of the Department of management, doctor of economic Sciences Arkady Semenovich Lifshits took place in the conference hall of Ivanovo state University. The presentation was combined with a mini-lecture "Poetry: meaning and multidimensionality".


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