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Brand - a unique combination of values of the brand for which the consumer pays an additional cost, or simply prefer the purchase, often causes a unique emotions. The difference between a trademark and brand: brand can have a high turnover, and the brand should have a high income. The strategy of brand building reveals a clear link between knowledge of the brand, which aims to become a brand, and purchase of marking products. Private Label includes a study of consumer behavior, brand management and proper planning of the brand, and brand communications are made through the configuration of the brand, distribution network. Megabrand manufacturers, having a number of obvious advantages, is not able to cover the entire market segment is left free to market a large number of cells, stimulating the development of the scope of their own (private) brands Seller - Private Label/PL. Private Label usually begin the life cycle of a low-price segment for particularly sensitive to the image of the commodity groups.If national brand in the mid-price segment of the interests of independent supermarkets, has not yet established its own PL, then the part of the subjects of the retail market, using specialized channels of distribution (fashion salon, boutiques, shops, health) have shown a considerable interest in the assortment series. Often to increase your chances in the fight against the major manufacturers retailers are beginning to support the weak producers, which will eventually recognize the retailers of its primary target audience. In mature markets, the interest in sharing brands and promote products under the common brands, has increased significantly: the sharing of the brand is one company acquires another company´s brand, to achieve synergies from the combination of the two brands. Audit brand hardware portfolio is aimed at getting rid of excess brands that the company can focus resources on those products, which are now profitable. You can use the released funds for geographic expansion of the company. Are opportunities to find new opportunities to optimize the business portfolio.

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