Il'vickaya Svetlana

Academic degree
doctor of architecture ,
candidate of art criticism
Science rang
  1. State University of Land Use Planning , Department “Architecture” , Head of the Department ,
  • Journal "Construction and Architecture" — member of the editorial board, employee
  • Conference article/thesis "Architectural design of unique buildings and structures on the example of a complex reconstruction and modernization of the Pumped Storage Power Station of the Cascade of the Kuban Hydroelectric Power Plants",
  • Conference article/thesis "New possibilities of applying dynamic architecture methods in the existing epidemiological situation",
  • Conference article/thesis "Ecological component in teaching and competitive landscape design",
  • Conference article/thesis "Planning structure features of baptismal spaces by saint springs",
  • Conference article/thesis "Application of the technique of easel painting techniques in relation to the landscape organization of monastery gardens",
Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation
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