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Abstract (English):
For the last thirty years, we, as inhabitants of the planet Earth, have been witnessing a powerful technological breakthrough – nanotechnologies, wireless means of communication, cars with autopilot – a commonplace for modern man. The human essence, the soul, and the diseases that doctors have been studying and successfully fighting with them for thousands of years remain unchanged. Almost a century has passed since the term "iatrogenic" was first proposed in medical practice. This term had a different, narrower concept in contrast to modern realities. In modern conditions, even taking into account the fact that from the position of the legislator there is no clear definition for the term "iatrogenic", but it is successfully used in the practice of doctors of forensic medical experts and forensic investigative bodies - "iatrogenic crime". The doctor, in relations with the patient, is the most unprotected person; every word of the patient (patient) is considered true, since from the position of the legislator he is a priori a victim, and the professional experience and scientifically based facts of the doctor are an excuse. At the same time, during the production of forensic medical examinations, only an assessment of the actions of the doctor is made, according to the results of the analysis of which the presence or absence of a causal relationship between the actions of the doctor, but not the patient, is established.

aegerogenic, iatrogenic, doctors' rights, patients' rights, treatment complications, forensic medical examination

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