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Abstract (English):
The urgency of the problem is because work on the prehospital stage, especially on the ambulance, implies the difficulty of diagnosing various diseases. This is because in patients who call an ambulance, as a rule, there is a huge range of various diseases and their complications, as well as injuries. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify patterns of increase in the main diagnostic and therapeutic tactical defects in the work of ambulance in the conditions of daily workload. The materials of the study were the coupons to the accompanying sheet, since they reflect the continuity in the work of the ambulance and hospitals. Based on the obtained results, conclusions are formulated and goals for further research are indicated.

ambulance, patient, discrepancy of diagnoses, defect of medical care

1. Fialko V.A. Takticheskaya medicina. 50-letniy opyt izucheniya i prakticheskogo resheniya problem urgentnoy mediciny dogospital'nogo etapa (izbrannye stat'i, ocherki, lekcii, tablicy, klassifikacii, metodicheskie materialy: 1957-2007 gg.). 2-e izd., ispr. i dop. Ekaterinburg: Izd-vo IRA UTK, 2011. 318 s.

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