Nazarova Olga

Academic degree
candidate of technical sciences from 2005 until now ,
candidate of technical sciences (speciality - VAC 05.20.03 Технологии и средства технического обслуживания в сельском хозяйстве) from 2005 until now
  1. employee Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation named after Chief Marshal of aviation B.P. Bugaev , department of general professional disciplines , associate Professor , 2009 until now
Scientific interests
VAC 01.01.2004 Геометрия и топология
VAC 05.01.2000 Инженерная геометрия и компьютерная графика
VAC 05.01.2001 Инженерная геометрия и компьютерная графика
Development of a system of applied problems solved by methods of descriptive geometry
I was reviewed
Ul'yanovsk , Ulyanovsk , Russian Federation
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