Abstract (English):
The textbook meets the requirements of the state educational standard for the discipline "World economy". In the process of studying the course, the student must acquire certain knowledge, skills, abilities within the framework of General cultural and professional competencies. Submission of material in the textbook is based on the knowledge gained by students in the study of disciplines "History of the world economy" "Economic theory", "Higher mathematics", "Statistics", "Introduction to the world economy". The author summarizes many years of experience in teaching courses "World economy and international economic relations", "international economic integration", "Globalization of the world economy" to students, as well as students of the Interdisciplinary Institute of advanced training of Dagestan state University. In the work on the textbook, the author sought to combine the necessary scientific level and logical, rational and simple presentation of the topic. Specific practical and statistical material is accompanied by theoretical analysis, conclusions, generalizations, as well as control questions for self-testing. The textbook can be organically used in combination with modern audiovisual and other tools used in the educational process. Particular attention is paid to the use of a variety of Russian and foreign sources, statements and concepts of authoritative analysts and economists; statistical data, mainly international organizations and institutions such as the UN, UNCTAD, UNIDO, WTO, IMF, world Bank, IBRD, Eurostat, national statistical reports and annual compilations and periodic literature. At the same time, observing the educational standards established by the Ministry, the author of the textbook considers it useful to apply a variety of techniques to consolidate educational material (questions, control tasks, etc.). The publication can be used by students enrolled in bachelor of Economics programs, students of faculties of advanced training, employees of the economic sphere. as well as all those interested in the theory and practice of the world economy and international economic relations. The textbook quite convincingly reveals the basic theoretical and methodological foundations and General trends in the development of the modern world economy.