Abstract (English):
The textbook reveals the scientific and methodological foundations of regional research, discusses its specifics, structure, models, types and logic. Special attention is paid to the geospatial approach as a methodological basis for regional studies, the heuristic possibilities of geographical, geohistorical, geopolitical, geo-economic, geoideological, geo-religious and geocultural paradigms in the study of regional society are revealed. The most actual methodological problems of regional studies and prospects of their solution within the framework of multidimensional methodological constructs are revealed. The content of the publication meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standards of higher education of the last generation. The manual is intended for undergraduates of higher educational institutions, students in areas of training: 41.04.01 "Foreign regional studies", 41.04.02 "regional Studies of Russia", 39.04.01 "Sociology".