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Abstract (English):
Active development of engineering and technology rightly necessitates reform of higher education. If before teacher was enough to make a course of lectures and read it throughout his labor activity, but now, in a time of rapid change reality necessary periodically rebuild the curriculum, focusing on the achievements of modern science and emerging technologies. Impossible further to teach tomorrow´s to engineers yesterday´s the provisions and former methods. Today for engineer it is important the acquisition of modern professional competencies with the ability to self-develop the skills required and if necessary, switch to popular types of activities. Therefore, modern engineering and technical education must firstly be adequate to modern scientific and technological reality, and secondly is based on modern scientific basis and regulations and not "braked" with classic content and with traditional techniques. Classical descriptive geometry, which in its time had an active influence on the development of production and industry initially in France and then throughout the world, today in the digital age of information must be updated, to enrich scientific achievements of modern scientists geometry and thereby become a popular academic discipline. Article is devoted to development of descriptive geometry in the direction of the fundamental mathematical ideas – sets, relations, algebraic operations; concepts – figures, conditions; analysis of the logical foundations. The authors suggested the development of elementary and higher descriptive geometry, uniting the known facts, methods and algorithms and leading them into a system based on common mathematical and logical ideas. From this perspective, we consider three section of descriptive geometry: search for linear objects based on the analysis of conditions, designing of surfaces, solution of position tasks.

dimensionality, analysis and synthesis of geometric problems, designing of surfaces, optimization, quotient set.

Первая составляющая существующей научной дисциплины «Инженерная геометрия и компьютерная графика», по которой происходит подготовка кадров высшей квалификации для кафедр геометрографической подготовки, а именно «Инженерная геометрия», есть прикладная математическая наука. Она состоит из теоретических основ, совокупности специальных методов и алгоритмизированных приёмов решения инженерных задач. Теоретические основы современной инженерной геометрии составляют: начертательная геометрия; линейная алгебра; математический анализ; аналитическая, дифференциальная, интегральная и вычислительная геометрии; основные понятия и некоторые разделы теории множеств и алгебраической геометрии [3; 6; 11; 13].


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