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Abstract (English):
The problem of formation of socio-psychological competence in the process of professional psychological training is considered. The article considers the essence and functions of social and psychological training of professional communication in the context of forming partnerships with citizens. Psychologically based ways and means of mastering the skills of effective interaction by employees of internal Affairs bodies are revealed. In order to improve the training process for ATS employees, a new training program has been developed, which should be used with different categories of students in various forms of training: full-time, distance, and interactive. The program is used by students of educational organizations at the initial stage of preparation, in order to improve skills of interpersonal interaction in various legally significant situations. Conducting classes is carried out in person, as a result, the motivation to achieve success increases, confidence increases; social responsibility, in particular, compliance with the law when making a decision. So far, the following have been advocating for the development of employee negotiation competence: readiness to display the knowledge and skills inherent in negotiation competence (value-motivational component); possession of knowledge of the content of negotiation competence (cognitive component); ability to contact and interact with subjects of negotiations (communicative and behavioral components); emotional flax-volitional I regulation in the negotiation process (emotional flax-volitional component).

employees of law enforcement bodies, socio-psychological competence, negotiation activity

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