Abstract (English):
The textbook deals with the issues studied in the disciplines related to the use and management of water resources, protection of water bodies, combating the negative impact of water. Attention is paid to the history of water management systems, the methodology of their research, the monitoring of water bodies and the basics of water management design. Meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standards of higher education of the last generation. The textbook provides the basic discipline of the professional cycle of bachelor's degree 20.03.02 and master's degree 20.04.02 "environmental engineering and water use", and can also be used as additional literature in the study of disciplines "Management of water systems" and "water quality Management". The textbook is of interest to specialists in the field of water management, ecology of water bodies and rational water use. It may also be useful for graduates of related construction specialties 08.03.01 "Construction" and 08.05.01 "construction of unique buildings and structures."