01686nam#a2200205#i#450# 4327 20240713135137.6 20240513d2024####ek#y0engy0150####ca 978-5-369-01927-6 xxu Административное право. 342.9 Bratanovsky, Sergey Nikolaevich Russian Economic University named after. G.V. Plekhanov Kapitanec, Yuliya Vladimirovna Russian Economic University named after. G.V. Plekhanov Vulah, Mihail Grigor'evich Saratov Medical University "Reaviz" Administrative Law of Russia, 2nd edition Textbook Moscow Publishing Center RIOR 2024 285 p. In accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education and the course program, the textbook systematically outlines administrative and legal institutions, as well as problems in the theory and practice of organizing and exercising executive power in Russia. In the second edition, the authors took into account the changes that have occurred in recent years in the public administration system and in the field of administrative legislation. Addressed to students, graduate students, teachers of law schools and other higher educational institutions. The textbook can also be recommended to employees of state authorities and local self-government if questions arise related to the application of administrative law in practice. administrative law, public administration, legal norms, administrative-legal relations, forms of management, management methods 10.29039/01927-6 There is an electronic copy riorpub.com