01398nam#a2200181#i#450# 4288 20240713115346.6 20240416d2024####ek#y0engy0150####ca 978-5-369-01957-3 xxu Логика. Теория познания. Методология и логика науки. 16 Markov, Sergey Mihaylovich The Far Eastern Branch of the Russian State University of Justice Logic, second edition Textbook Moscow Publishing Center RIOR 2024 178 p. In the textbook, written in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Education and intended for university students (primarily in the humanities and specialties), logic is considered as a methodological basis and a tool for logically correct thinking. Topics for study include logical rules for dividing the scope of a concept, classification, topics of definitions of terms, logical rules for constructing normative statements, logic of questions and answers, rules and techniques of inference, hypothetico-deductive method, syllogistics, as well as other materials useful for managers , lawyers, doctors, economists. philosophy, formal logic, dialectical, mathematical, modal, concept, judgment, inference, laws of logic 10.29039/01957-3 There is an electronic copy riorpub.com