01912nam#a2200193#i#450# 3024 20240713115428.6 20240426d2024####ek#y0engy0150####ca 978-5-369-02140-8 xxu Государственная власть. Государственные органы. 342.5 Конституционное (государственное) право. 67400 bbk Ul'yanov, Aleksandr Yur'evich Южно-Уральский государственный университет (НИУ) The Prosecutor's Office in the unified system of public authority Monography Moscow Publishing Center RIOR 2024 127 p. The monograph is devoted to the study of the place and role of the prosecutor's office in the system of state power in the context of historical development, as well as through the prism of constitutional reforms and transformations that affected the main status characteristics of this institution and determined the features of its constitutionalization. The work provides a constitutional and legal characteristic of the Russian model of the prosecutor's office, which has no analogues in world practice. In the light of constitutional amendments, attention is paid to the problem of determining the legal status of the prosecutor's office in the system of public power, as well as the search for optimal criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the activities of this department. The publication may be of interest to scientists and practitioners, scientists, teachers, applicants and graduate students, undergraduates and students of higher educational institutions, as well as other readers interested in this issue. Prosecutor's office, public authority, constitutionalization 10.29039/02140-8 There is an electronic copy riorpub.com