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Abstract (English):
In speaking of modern higher education, we mean an educational system that allows young specialists to fit into the labour market. Such specialists need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills not only to perform work on the project, but also to attack the problem creatively. The task of higher school is to provide the necessary set of knowledge and skills that will allow young specialists to work successfully and to be on the march. The language of communication of engineers is drawings. Computer drawings allow reducing the working time considerably in the development, production, remediation, transfer, and retention. Therefore, the ability to use drawing program for working with images is necessary. Despite all the powerful design tools and visualization, a key moment in computer design is the documentation of the product and its design in accordance with accepted standards that is considered to be an integral part of the design process. After the successful development of a 2D environment, the expert can confidently move on to 3D modeling that facilitates the receipt of drawings and models at times and gives you the opportunity to inspect the settings of the virtual model and, if necessary, to improve them significantly. Usage of different CAD-systems for communication engineers- partners is a reality. Therefore it is very useful for a specialist to be able to use different programs. Modern graphic programs (AutoCAD, SolidEdge) have many similar opportunities, but they also have some differences. Knowledge of several drawing programs is necessary and reduces the amount of time for the skills development for usage of each CAD-system is the problem of the future engineer. The article compares two different programs and the possibility of using the both CAD-systems for working with drawings.

graphic program, CAD-system, AutoCAD, SolidEdge.

1. Введение

Говоря о современном высшем образовании, мы имеем в виду систему обучения, которое позволяет молодым специалистам быстро вписываться в рынок труда [7]. Другими словами, такие специалисты должны быть снабжены необходимыми знаниями и навыками не только для того, чтобы выполнить работу над проектом, но и творчески подойти к решению рабочего задания [2].

Весь процесс создания конкретного продукта состоит не только из технологических задач и их решений, эта цепь начинается с поиска заказа и общения с клиентом, а заканчивается оплатой счетов и снова общением с клиентом. Ведь положительные отзывы о продукте являются самой лучшей рекламой!


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